LEGO Disney Train Revealed! Goofy gets a Minifigure!

So, after a very long hiatus, I am back. I was away doing summer things and had absolutely no time to devote to this site. I may have slightly forgotten that this existed...

Anyways, LEGO revealed this set sometime today, so here I am. The set has 2,925 pieces and will retail for $329.99 in the US. I think it is a nice set, the builds are really detailed. I would assume that this would look good on display with the Disney Castle set. I believe this is based on something in Disneyland, but I have never been, so I wouldn't know. The best part of this set is that Goofy finally gets a Minifigure, which is something fans have wanted for a while. The variants of existing figures is nice, but I don't think they are too spectacular. I think this is a nice set, but it isn't my thing. What are your thoughts?