6 Disney Collectible Minifigures Reviewed (Frozen, The Incredibles, Ducktales, The Nightmare Before Christmas)

So, it has been a while since I reviews any of the new CMFs. Like always, I only have a few, which is fine. We can just take a look and appreciate them I guess.

Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas is an interesting choice for a CMF series released in the summer. She has a ton of dual molding and lots of intricate printing. She has a dead plant thingy. I'm not too sure what it is supposed to be since it has been ages since I have seen the film. I like this figure. I hope I can get Jack to go along with her. 

Scrooge McDuck is pretty great to get. I  hear the latest version is voiced by the one and only David Tennant. I am glad he gets a spot in this series. His top hat is attached by a minipeg, so it can come off quite easily. He also has a tail attachment at his hips. 

I also got Dewey. Unfortunately, I don't have the other two, so I don't have the full Ducktales Gang. He is pretty great though. He has dual molded legs and a tail attachment piece. He also has a slingshot, which is pretty cool. His hat attaches via a minipeg as well.

Elsa is getting another movie this fall, so it makes sense that she was included. This is her first appearance as a Minifigure. Her hair piece is actually exclusive here. Her torso and dress have a lot of metallic prints on it. She even has designs on her cape. She has a massive snowflake as well.

Anna is also fantastic to get. Her hair piece is exclusive as well. Her prints are pretty spot on. Her lamp accessory is quite nice to get. I think it is really cool that they both came in this series. 

Frozone may well be my favorite of the Incredibles superheroes. He finally gets his minifiure representation here. He has a set of power blasts that he can use. He also floats on a disk, which is colored gray for some reason. But I am really happy with him. 

Anyways, those were a few of the LEGO CMFs from the Disney Series II.