Minecraft Summer 2019 sets revealed!

Minecraft is back again! It seems that the game has grown in popularity online and it is now acceptable to play again. It is quite funny to me since a few years ago you might receive some teasing for playing such a game. Anyways, LEGO has revealed the new sets to come out this summer. I think this is a fairly solid wave. The Wool Farm set is cute, and I like the large sheep build that can become other things. The Blaze Bridge is nice; I am not a big fan of the new Blaze designs however. The brewing stand is a nice addition however. The Creeper Mine is probably my favorite set out of this wave. I love the massive Creeper sticking out of the mine. The new player skin variant is nice to get, and the set includes a stray, which I don't think we have gotten before. Overall, this is a a pretty great lineup and I might even try to get some of them.

Images from The Brick Fan

The Wool Farm

The Blaze Bridge