Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi Review! (The LEGO Movie 2)

I am late, as always. This shows how good I am at both blogging and YouTube. This set comes from The LEGO Movie 2 and is from a fairly memorable scene in the film. I was pretty happy to get a set with so many characters that are pretty important, so let us take a look!

This set retails for $19.99 in the U.S. and is still on shelves. It comes with 115 pieces which leaves it with a price per part ratio higher than some Star Wars sets.

The largest build in the set is Queen Watevra herself. She is a really colorful build. She has prints for her eyes and mouth which can be changed out, which is quite nice.  She stands on a little pedestal which can spin around. I think the stand is okay, but in a set with so few pieces, it would have been nice if they were used on something else.


Watevra rebuilds into her jelly like form, which is interesting. The build is really exposed in the back, and it shows some printed elements. However that can be easily fixed. I think this is a really good approximation of the figure in the film. She also sports a new crown element which is really cool.

Banarnar is a giant banana man thing who reminds me of the peanut butter jelly time meme from ages past. He stands on two spindly legs that don't quite hold him up. The mouth is a new print and it works well. The eyes are a bit odd, since they don't look straight out. They still kind of work. The shape of the banana is represented quite well, it is just a shame he is a pain to make stand up.

The Lucy figure in this set is nothing we haven't seen before. She has the same hair and legs as the other variants, and the face print is dual sided. Her torso is new, however. It has a hood print which did not appear on the original figure. This bothers me since the set is a bit overpriced and the couldn't even include that element. 

Susan is pretty decent figure. I think the printing is pretty simple, but then again I have no idea how complex Mini-Doll printing can be. She has a tray with two goblets that just goes on her hand. She has a silvery cape which looks quite cool. 

Sweet Mayhem was literally the reason I bought this set. I really love the design of her character and for once I thought a Mini-Doll was cool. She has a cool hair piece which has a really neat shiny effect. She has body armor which attaches to the wings on her back. Her helmet is a triple molded piece, which is really cool. She has a blaster which is made of three parts. In summary, this figure was worth the money I spent on this set. 

This set has some cool characters which only come in larger sets. I think this set is worth it if it is on sale, so pick it up then. I do like many of the elements; I just wish there had been more substance to the set. It seemed kinda bare for a $20 set. Anyways, that is all I have for now, thanks for reading!