Avengers Endgame Hulk Helicopter Drop Revealed!

The Brother's Brick have revealed images of a new Avengers Endgame set! Like all of the other sets in this theme, it is wildly inaccurate, but has really good Minifigures. It will retail for $59.99 in the US and it comes with 482 pieces.

The builds in this set are really mediocre. We get yet another helicopter and the action feature is the same one as the Thor Ragnarok sets. (But at least he was actually jumping out of the ship in that movie.) The Chitauri vehicles are generic and pretty run of the mill at this point. 

The Rescue/Pepper Potts figure is exclusive to this set, and it is a pretty phenomenal figure. I am glad we are getting another Pepper Minifig since it would seem she is making her exit in the MCU. 

Black Widow suffers from a case of not being in this part of the movie because, well, you know. It is good to get her, but I think there are other characters from the film who should be included.

I am glad we are getting the Hulk with his quantum suit, just so we can have each of the figures in their suits. However, the best part of this is the new Stark Gauntlet. This is a new mold. I am slightly mad that they didn't include the other two Infinity Stones. 

This probably isn't the last of the Endgame era sets, but this has certainly been a strange series of sets. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.