Ninjago Summer 2019 sets revealed!

Happy Easter! I have a bit of news, which is slightly late. But better late than never! The next wave of Ninjago sets has been revealed, and it looks fantastic. I am a bit short on time this weekend, so this will be brief. The designs for the sets are phenomenal. I love the red and blue color scheme, and the new ninja masks look great.

The first inclusion of this new wave is the new spinner sets, which seem to have a new launcher. I like this revamped version of Spinjitzu, it seems more accurate to the show.

Lloyd's Journey - 81 Pieces

I rather like the small scale of this set. I may actually pick this one up. The three tailed wolf is interesting to be sure. 

Cole's Dirt Bike - 212 Pieces

I think this is a fairly cool vehicle. It does feel like this design has been used before. 

Shuricopter - 361 Pieces

The name of this set reminds me of a certain MCU character. The design of this chopper is fairly new, but we have had a million other choppers before this. 

Fire Fang - 463 Pieces

This has to be a callback to the Pharaoh's  Quest theme from the 2010's. I think this one is fairly cool, but I think the Ninjago designers may have a snake fetish. 

Katana 4x4 - 450 Pieces

How many katana named vehicles will we get? I think this one is fairly cool, even if it is over the top. 

Lloyd's Titan Mech - 876 Pieces

This is most assuredly my favorite set of this wave. I loved the original titan mech in the Titan Mech Battle set. 

Land Bounty - 1178 Pieces

A land boat? I am unsure how I feel about this. It looks cool anyways. 

Castle of the Forsaken Emperor - 1,218 Pieces

This beast of a set is really cool. It even had the obligatory dragon for this wave. I think the fort itself is fairly cool, and I dig the color scheme.