LEGO Harry Potter Sets Revealed!

The new LEGO Harry Potter Sets have been revealed! I am glad they are keeping the theme small; it definitely won't flood the market with unwanted sets. The theme, though small, is still going strong with several great new sets that are to come out this summer. I love these additions to the theme based on The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Goblet of Fire. My love of these sets may have to do with Prisoner of Azkaban being my favorite of the Harry Potter films, but they are still phenomenal either way. These images do exclude the rumored Knight Bus set.

The Expecto Patronum Set is absolutely fantastic. I love the updated Sirius Black figure. The inclusion of two Dementors is really nice. I love the new stag patronus, the mold is fantastic and I can't wait to see it used in other sets. 

The Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge is a definite improvement over the original set. I love that many of the figures in this wave use the mid-size legs. The new Horntail is definitely an improvment, and it uses the head mold from the Newt Scamander's Briefcase set. The new Golden Egg is also an improvement over the magnetic ball they used in the original set. 

The Hagrid's Hut set is another great re-release of an older set. This version has a much higher price tag than the original sets, but I think it makes up for that. It comes with the new Hagrid as well as the main characters in their Prisoner of Azkaban attire. The new Minister of Magic is a great addition, as is the executioner. The new Buckbeak is the best part of this set for me; it looks so much better than the last one. The build for the hut is nice, but I am sad that it isn't totally enclosed like the other ones were. 

We now have yet another expansion to the Hogwarts Castle, The Hogwarts Clock Tower. I am glad to see that this part of the castle is also getting an updated release. The aesthetic of the castle is incredibly accurate and I love the way it looks. The Minifigures definitely steal the show, with the characters showing up in their Yule Ball outfits. The appearance of Madame Maxine is great as well.

This wave is really great. It has given us figures and locations that hadn't been released before, which is quite odd seeing as there have been so many LEGO Harry Potter sets.  This wave is well put together and worth the wait. That is all I have for now, thanks for reading!