Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 2 Revealed!

The Disney CMF Series 2 has been revealed, after a lot of waiting. The roster for this series is less diverse than the previous series. We have four figures from one license and every other figure is the member of a pair. I am not too excited for this series as a whole. I am most excited for the Frozone and Edna Mode figures, for they were my favorite characters in the Incredibles series. We really did not need the two classic Mickey and Minnie figures, since they already come in the Steamboat Willie set. The Elsa and Anna figures really aren't needed; we already have them in Minidoll form. Chip and Dale, while they are great figures, aren't as popular as other Disney characters that could have been included.Jack Skellington and Sally are also more obscure Disney characters, and are more popular with adults and teens.  The Heracles and Hades figures are outstanding, but I doubt I will pick them up since I strongly dislike the film. Jasmine and Jafar make the most sense to me, since the Aladdin remake is coming out soon. More iconic characters should have been included in this series, such as Goofy, Rapunzel or Aurora. I think that this entry of Disney Collectable Minifigures is much weaker than the first series. But what do you think?