Toy Story 4 Sets revealed!

LEGO has revealed four of the Toy Story 4 sets. This is overall looking to be a strong wave of sets. These all qualify as Juniors sets, so they are a bit pricey compared to normal sets. I am a little upset that they aren't using the old molded parts for the Minifigures, but it makes sense that they are different this time around.

(Images from The Brothers Brick)

Woody RC - $9.99 - 69 Pieces

I really like this set; it is fairly cheap, so it should be easy for kids to buy. I like the fact that there are Green Army Men Microfigures, but I think a new mold or printing is in order. 

Carnival Thrill Coaster - $19.99 - 98 Pieces

The ring of track is simplistic; I wish there was at least a small bump in there. The Minifigures came in the Disney CMF series, so they won't be as prized in this instance. 

 Toy Story 4 RV Vacation - $34.99 - 178 Pieces

My favorite part of this whole set is the spork figure. The RV's wheels seem a little too big, and the cabin is incredibly simplistic. I am glad that they have continued to use Rex's mold to this day.

Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania! - $49.99 - 230 Pieces

This is probably the best set to get. It comes with both Buzz and Woody, which is important. But there are several other figures included as well. I like this one a lot, but I doubt I will be picking it up at all.