The LEGO Movie 2 Spoiler Review

I wrote a short, spoiler free review of the film, you can read it here. Otherwise, click continue reading at your own risk.

This movie was an absolute joy to watch. I don't even know where to start. The invasion of the Duplo people was pretty great; as someone who has had younger siblings invade their LEGO builds, I definitely related to this. I did find it a little upsetting that the characters hadn't learned they were all the special from the end of the last movie. I found it funny that all the characters were abducted by the little sister and brought to her own universe. I really love the whole concept of universes of play colliding. 

I thought it was cool that the idea of peace between the sister's universe's attempts at peace were misunderstood. As an older brother, I know how this can be a problem for siblings. I thought it was excellent story writing that caused Queen Whatevra Wa'Nabi to be the heart at the beginning of the film. I did feel like the whole marriage thing was a bit weird. 

I did almost cry several times throughout the movie. When the LEGO characters got put into the storage bin really got me. I am currently sorting my LEGO and putting it into bins, so it kinda made me feel like an awful person. I did really relate to the aging of the character, and the 16+ thing really hit home for me. The idea of growing up and leaving LEGO behind has been weighing on my mind a ton lately, so that could have had some impact on my emotional steadiness. 

I did love all of the references in the movie. I found it funny to see references to R rated franchises like The Matrix, Alien and Terminator in a movie like this. I loved the concept of "Movies you can watch when you are older," because that has been fairly prevalent in my own life. I did love the nods to the Disney owned franchises, like Marvel and Mary Poppins. 

The plot twists of the movie are really cool. I liked how the time travel part of the movie was foreshadowed at the beginning of the film. I really liked how there were no quantifiable villains in the film, but the movie lead you to think that the characters from the Systar system were the villains. The second ending thing was fairly funny, and I think it could really have only worked in a LEGO movie.

 Anyways, those are my thoughts. Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think?