Star Wars 2019 sets revealed!

The next wave of LEGO Star Wars sets will be releasing in April, and here are the new official images for the sets. It is cool to see some new ideas, like the Action Battle sets, even if I am not a big fan of them. The concept of shooting your sets as a sort of game is fairly cool, but the idea has taken much from the sets as a whole. 

(Images from: The Brick Fan)
Duel at Starkiller Base - $19.99 - 191 Pieces

I really like this set. It has a cool design and a fun play feature. I also like how both Kylo Ren and Rey come in this cheap of a set. Though it is simplistic, I do think it would make an excellent desk decoration. 

Action Battle Endor Assault -  $29.99 - 193 Pieces 

This is an interesting concept, and I think some may find it fun. But as a collector, all I can see is that beautiful new Scout Trooper Helmet. I think the Wicket has come in other sets before, and I feel like a set of this size should come with more Minifigures. (Or more pieces for that matter.) I think that the builds of this set are lackluster and could use improvement.

Action Battle Shield Generator Attack -  $29.99 - 235 Pieces

This too is much too expensive for the piece count. I like the new Snowtrooper prints, and I guess the Hoth Rebel looks alright. But at least the shield generator has four humps this time. (Cough, Cough, "UCS" Assault on Hoth.)
Action Battle Echo Base Defense - $59.99 - 504 Pieces

This set also feels like wasted potential. This set just doesn't look as great as it probably should. I dunno, I'm just not a fan. There aren't even any  named figures in this set, and it costs sixty dollars!

Black Ace TIE Interceptor - $39.99 - 396 Pieces

Finally, a normal set. I have seen only one episode of Star Wars Resistance, but i found it was an interesting show. I quite like this set and The Minifigure selection is great.

Major Vonreg's TIE Fighter - $49.99 - 496 Pieces

I  like this set too, just not enough to buy it. I like the figures in this set, and it is cool to see General Leia in a set once again. I really like the color scheme of the TIE; I think it looks sick.