Limited Edition Jurassic World Minifigure Collection Review!

So, do you remember way back when in December when I complained about the limited release of the Jurassic World Bricktober packs?  Yeah, I was pretty mad about that. But, my loving parents surprised me with a copy of the set after a large ballet audition in St. Louis. So, here I am with a review of this set. At this point, it has already doubled in price; so, I would recommend getting it as soon as possible if you want a copy of this set.

This set only comes with three Minifigures, which is not the norm for the Bricktober sets. The fourth character is the Baby Velociraptor, but more on that later. I really want to focus on the Ian Malcom Minifigure. 

I will be honest, I don't think the Minifigure is a perfect representation of the character. I much prefer the version in the LEGO Jurassic World Video Game.  But at this point, I will take what I can get. I do like this figure though. The torso printing is spot on, but I am disappointed that there is no leg printing. His two faces are pretty great. The hair is so-so. I am not a fan of it being used in this instance. The torch used as a flare is okay; I think LEGO could have found something better, but it is fine.

Claire Dearing makes yet another appearance in this set. I think that this is an okay variant of a preexisting figure. Her two new faces are great. She comes with a phone, again. I really don't have any major opinions on this figure. It isn't anything new, and it isn't too spectacular. 

This version of Owen appears in the video that Maisie finds in the basement of Lockwood Estate. He has an alternate sad face; I think it looks funny, but I know what they were trying to go for. He has a cool glove print on one of his arms, but it is unfortunate that he does not have a colored hand to match it. Owen has a satchel on, which is seen in that one scene. 

Last, we have baby Blue. (Who is actually Blue this time.) She pairs well with Owen, as they are in the same scene. I think it is cool that they paired them together. I like the fact that they kept the chicken leg which Owen throws to her. 

Overall, I quite like this set. I enjoy finally having a Ian Malcom Minifigure. I like the new Owen figure, but the Claire figure is lackluster. I really wish this set had been easier to get a hold of, because it is something that Jurassic Park collectors will want. I am not as mad as other fans about the lack of a fourth full Minifigure; I think the baby raptor fits well.