LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary sets revealed!

So, the images for some of the Summer 2019 wave of Star Wars sets have been revealed, and I would assume I am fairly late getting around to posting things. But better late than never, I guess?

I am a big fan of the re-released Classic Star Wars figures. I grew up playing with some of the Classic Star Wars sets that were my dad's, so I think this is really cool. There is supposedly printing on the backs of the re-released figures that make them separate from the original figures. The sets are fairly mediocre. The Snowspeeder is a copy of the last one, I am pretty sure some of the stickers are even the same. The Podracer set is a let down; does anyone even like Podracing? The AT-RT is okay, but it is just a rehash of the other sets that have been made. I do really like the Imperial Dropship; we haven't gotten one since 2008. I like the amount of figures in that small of a set. The new Shadow Trooper is really cool, and it is good to get the new Stormtrooper Helmets in a cheaper set. The Slave One looks really nice, it is a major improvement over the last one. I am really happy they made a Zuckuss Minifigure, but they just had to put him in a 120 dollar set. I like some of the sets here, but this just seems to be a rehash of older sets. I was kind of expecting a little more. But those are my thoughts. What do you think?

Snowspeeder - 309 Pieces - $39.99 

Anakin's Podracer - 269 Pieces - $29.99

Clone Scout Walker - 250 Pieces - $29.99

Imperial Dropship - 125 Pieces - $19.99

Slave I - 1007 Pieces - $119.99