LEGO Speed Champions Camaro ZL1 Race Car Review!

I am not a car person, so please excuse any inaccuracies within this review. That said, I do love the Chevrolet Camaro. It is the car that I would like to have when I am older and have money. (So, probably never?) I was stoked to hear that LEGO was making a new Camaro set at a cheaper price, so I picked this set up. I was gonna get Benny's Space Squad, but even the LEGO Store was out of stock.

This is my first Speed Champions set. I had generally avoided the theme, mostly since I am not too big of car fan. But I had to get this one. I will say that the build was pretty fun. There is a copious amount of stickers. If one is careful enough in placing them, they should all line up.

The Camaro has a positive rake, which I think looks pretty cool. I think that gives the set a more dynamic feel. I like the wheel rims with the Chevrolet Camaro Printing on them. They come off fairly easily, and they can be exchanged with other rims.

The front of the car has two stickers that make the headlights, one to make the grill, and the other two are purely decorative. There is a little lip below the grill, which is an upside down rounded plate.

The hood has some pretty nice stickers on it. They blend together quite well. The windshield has a small Camaro sticker on it, as well as two transparent stickers for the windows. The roof of the car has another sticker.

Inside the car, there is a roll cage that fits around the driver. Below that is the steering wheel for the car. The inside feels quite cramped, but that seems to be an attribute of most Speed Champions cars. The two door areas have more stickers, which look pretty cool, unless you mess up the application of the stickers.

Behind the cab area is the back window. I really like how the window is continued by two stickers. You can even see the bar in the stickers. The window, even thought it isn't curved, fits smoothly.

The rear of the car is plastered with stickers as well. While it would be impossible to actually recreate the back of a Camaro, but the stickers do a fairly good job of this. It isn't perfect, but I think their effort can be commended.

There is a single open stud on one side of the car, which you can plug the fuel tank into. The tank uses the new balloon bottoms. There is a sticker that goes around a 2x2 round brick. The brick in the center of the tank is a harpoon piece. I think this is a pretty cool feature that allows some realism when playing with a toy car.

One Minifigure is included in this set. The Camaro driver's torso has a Chevy logo on both the front and the back. This torso is exclusive to this set. The figure is pretty generic; the main focus of this set is most definitely the car.

Overall, I was very pleased with my first Speed Champions set. The stickers were a bit tedious; however, the build is still enjoyable. The Camaro looks distinctly like the real life vehicle without compromising the LEGO like feel of the set. I absolutely love the detail poured into sets like this; this car almost exactly represents the actual NASCAR race car. I would totally recommend you pick up at least one of these sets since there is an abundance of licensed cars to choose from.