LEGO Muji? (The Brick Archive)

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I know what your probably thinking. Its something along the lines of: "Wait, what?" I'll be honest, that was my reaction too. So, Muji is a Japanese company who teamed up with LEGO in 2009 to create a new type of product, available only in Japan. The theme used normal bricks along with paper cutouts. The papers had stud sized holes cut in them by a specialized hole punch. The paper pieces would then fit in between LEGO Bricks. However some of the sets did come with pre-cut paper.

From: The Brick Show

From: Brickipedia
This odd theme seemed to get a lot of sets in Japan, 14 in total. The topics of each set varied from Christmas, to animals, to vehicles, to the Circus. I actually find the idea of mixing paper with LEGO to be a fascinating idea. I know LEGO has done that with Forma, but that is a set for adults. I think that, if done right, this type of set could do well in the United States. Below are a few images of the sets, which are from Brickipedia as well. I personally find this theme fascinating, but what are your thoughts?


Animal and Vehicle