LEGO Forma? Wait, what?

LEGO Forma was announced the other day as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It is a Technic based set for adults. It is supposed to be sold for 45 dollars in the U.S. The set includes 295 pieces and one skin. Then the other skins are fifteen extra dollars. Three of them are koi, the other one is a shark.  I find it kind of weird that this set is on a platform like Indiegogo rather than just being released as a set. But, it does have 725% of its goal, so it seems to be doing well.

Here is some of the statements from their official post: 

"LEGO® FORMA was designed to help adults reconnect with their creative side and to encourage us all to prioritize play. Throughout the process, we spoke to adults to learn about their needs, get their input on our concepts, and use their feedback to refine the experience. During this time, we also conducted the LEGO “Play Well Report”, which surveyed nearly 13,000 people to understand the relationship between well-being and play. The report supported the development of LEGO FORMA and showed that we were on the right path in creating a fun and creative experience for adults."

"At the LEGO Group we are exploring new ways of working with Open Innovation. Indiegogo is a platform that allows us to interact with an engaged, excited, new community that’s interested in contributing to concepts and product development. Tapping into this passion and desire to share ideas and knowledge allows us to innovate and launch products that are a bit different from what we normally offer. Feedback we collect on Indiegogo will give us valuable insights into best practices of open innovation as we can continue to improve as an innovative company. We can’t wait to see what our backers will have to say!"

Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for reading!