Cloud Cukcoo Palace Review! (The LEGO Movie) #TBT

I am not a big fan of pink. Or of Unikitty. But when I saw this set at almost the original retail price at a local toy store, I had to get this set. This is without a doubt the pinkest thing I own. But this is a really cute set, and it may have altered my distaste for the obnoxiously pink LEGO Friends sets. Maybe.

This set retailed originally for 20 dollars. The set has 197 pieces and 3 Minifigures.

I don't know where to start with this set. It is pink. I don't own much pink. So it is nice to get a ton of a color that I do not have. The light greens and blues are also great to get. The large wall pieces look nice. I own a ton of them in gray, so the change in color is really nice. The base of the build is cloud like to recreate the environment seen in the film. The flower elements look quite nice scattered throughout the build. There is a little walkway underneath two dish pieces. They are both geared  together, so they both turn when only one is turned. To the left of that is a sun that is hovering via a clear bar piece. It looks okay, and it works well.

The little side build is a catapult. It is integrated into the clouds. It shoots little flower thingys. It works well. You hit the actuator and the thing goes flying. It is really fun.

Now the figures are where it is at with this set. Let's start with Unikitty herself. I'll be honest, I did not like the concept or idea of Unikitty But, now that I have an actual copy of her in my hands, I find myself changed. She is really cute. I love her design. Her tail piece was new at the time, but I does get reused a ton. Her head is moveable, but it easily gets knocked off.

My favorite part of the set is the snail. I'm not even joking. It is a great little build for it's size. The eyes are so cute. The sides of the shell are attached by a 318 bar stuck through the middle.

Now the set does come with normal Minifigures. Emmett is basically still Emmett. He has is normal torso and legs, which resemble a generic LEGO construction worker. He has a happy face and a terrified face. His hair is nothing special at this point, as it has come in so many set.  His backside has the Piece of Resistance attached to it. He also has the tracking device attached to his lower leg, which is a nice touch.

Wyldestyle is her normal emo self. She is clad entirely in black. Her graffiti style print extends onto one arm and onto her back. She has a really cool hood piece, which gets used still to this day. She has two faces, one is slightly happy, the other is slightly upset.

Lastly we have the Executron. He is pretty bland as the sole antagonist in this set. He only has a pair of hand cuffs as a weapon. I wish they has included a robot swat instead. This guy doesn't even show up in this part of the movie. The torso is pretty simplistic, and there is only one face. I do like the face print though.

Personally, I like this set. And I generally hate the color pink. So what happened? I think LEGO made a pretty interesting set. The catapult is a fun little build. This set is playful in a way that I don't see too often in sets. It is fun and crazy, like rules don't apply. It feels almost like the rainbow raider you would build as a kid. I love this set because it brought me back to a time when it was okay to have the sun attached to a cloud by a clear stick, useless geared mechanisms are the best thing ever, and catapults can be made with flowers. Another great thing for me is seeing the  lowly construction worker at the center of the story, because I had a construction worker who represented me when I played. I love this, and I would recommend this to anyone. You can still find them at a relatively low price.