LEGO Creator Mythical Creatures Review

Hey all!

Dragons are pretty cool, am I right? I freaking love dragons. I am surprised that it took me so long to actually get my hands on a LEGO one. I have always had the chance to get a LEGO Dragon; Ninjago provided that opportunity quite frequently. I just decided to get other sets, namely Star Wars. After all of that, I am here with another review.

The first build of the Mythical Creatures set is the dragon so prominently featured on the front of the box. My first impression is pretty good. My favorite part is the head. It is well detailed, even if it is a bit large. The  jaw moves and a little flame sticks out of it's mouth. I love the use of the Nexo Knights Spear heads to make the eyes; I love the depth that they add. The rock finger/claw plate pieces on the head also look really nice. The head is on a ball joint, which adds some poseability, but because of the design of the neck, it can only look up and to the sides.

The neck meets the body kinda abruptly. You can see the large gray brick that is used to attach the wings. It only really looks okay when you have the neck angled upwards. The bottom side of the body looks okay, but I feel the top is a bit of a mess. There is a lot of black and grey mixed in with the primary colors of red and yellow.

The wings are attached to the body via the large style of ball joints. They provide ample friction and are great for posing. I do dislike the blockiness of the underside, but I don't think that can be helped. The middle joint of the wing is a a couple of clips, and that works just fine. The outer segments are also a bit blocky. I wish they had included two more of the 2x2 corner plates to put there.

The legs are nothing too special. They only have two points of articulation, which are the ball joints that connect them to the main body and the joints at the ankles. I feel like there is too much grey in the legs, and yet again that cannot be helped. The feet are all the same, and I can only complain that the toes come off a little to frequently for my liking.

The tail is also noting to special. It begins with a ball joint. I do like the range of poses the new rounded bar pieces provide.

I personally like this model, but it could be better. The head feels a little large, and the body isn't that smooth.

The troll/ogre is a funny build. It is a little disproportionate. The head is great. I love the nose and the eyes. I just think they look great. The jaw is poseable The back and top of the head don't look too great.  The hinge pieces are supposed to represent ears, I think. The whole head is on a ball joint, so it can be posed numerous ways.

The arms are poseable to an extent. There is no elbow, but there is a ball joint at the shoulder and a ball joint at the hand. The thumb can move as well. It gives the arms ample articulation. If you position the thumb just right, you can get him to hold a Minifig. The axe is a cool thought, but it doesn't really work. The handle is much too large and the little Nexo Knights pieces are much too small. I think the rock pieces would have made a better blade.

The body is okay. The use of the large inverted slope piece is okay. The back side is a bit of a mess. The black doesn't work well with the red and yellow. The troll also has a short tail, which I think works okay.

The legs are a bit odd for me. They seem a bit chunky, and I think you could build nicer looking legs out of the remaining pieces, which there are a lot of. The legs have a cavity that could have been filled in. The connection between the feet and the legs is a bit loose, which is annoying when you try to pose him. The feet aren't much better. They are way too large for his body. I know that they might  be a little big, but I feel these are much too large.

So, if the designers intentionally made him oddly proportioned, then they did a good job. He looks really funny, and I think kids could have a lot of fun. He could become an awkward oaf to clumsily attack a castle. I like parts of the model, other parts need changing. So, it could probably be better.

Lastly, we have the spider. The spider isn't too bad. The design of the body is nice. The abdomen is well shaped and the central part is okay. The head is also fine, but the legs are all whacky.

The head is pretty, well, spider like. It has your typical fangs and mandibles. The green eyes look okay. I wish there was a way to make it have eight eyes, but its fine. The head is on a ball joint, but it's movement is limited. It can only look upwards or left and right. I don't know if that is intentional or not.

The abdomen is connected to the center by a large ball joint. It is well shaped and I think it works. It has a couple of spines on the back and on the sides.

The legs are all different. It kinda drives me nuts, but it is understandable. The designers would have had to include more pieces. That would have taken away from the rebuildability. They are all poseable. I especially like how well the front legs move; they have a greater range of motion because of the newer round plate. My biggest gripe is the second to last legs, they aren't able  to articulate as much as the other legs. I'll be honest, it's a really good idea with some flaws. I like the spider and it's design; it is a lot better than other designs that LEGO has released over the years.

So, for me this set is good; I don't regret getting it at all. I just see some issues that I'd like fixed. The mismatched colors, odd articulation and the strange proportions are all things I'd like to have been fixed. I think this set could do with a larger piece count, to allow better models. I think this set is worth if you don't have a LEGO dragon, or are a younger LEGO fan. I don't think this set would really stick with an older builder. So, what are your thoughts? Leave your opinions in the comments. Otherwise that's all I have for now.