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As we continue our trip down memory lane, we encounter LEGO Dino Attack, or for the Europeans, Dino 2010. This theme centered around catching mutant dinosaurs. The sets for each theme were generally the same, but there were small differences. The American and Australian sets had more weapons, while the European sets had an emphasis on capturing the dinosaurs.

The smallest of the sets was the Dino Quad (Dino 2010) or Steel Sprinter vs Mutant Lizard. The main design of the set is the same between both sets, the only difference is the accessory. The setting is also different; for Dino Attack, they are in the city, for Dino 2010, they are in the jungle.

For Dino Buggy Chaser (2010) or Urban Avenger vs Raptor (Attack), the differences are pretty similar to the first sets. The Dino Attack set is much more violent than the 2010 set. The raptor design is pretty cool, and it reminds me of this year's Indoraptor

The Dino 4WD Trapper (2010) and Fire Hammer vs Mutant Lizards (Attack) are both more evident in their differences. The back of the truck can have either the rocket turret or a cage. I personally prefer the cage, but they both look okay. 

The Dino Track Transport (2010) or Iron Predator vs T-Rex sets loom pretty cool. I actually prefer the massive cannon on the transport, it looks like something that fits this tank-like vehicle. It doesn't make sense for a tank to be pulling a trailer; it would be a better job for the 4WD. 

We all know LEGO loves their massive helicopters, and they included them in this theme. The Dino Air Tracker (2010) and T-1 Typhoon vs T-Rex are both pretty mediocre. The Pteranodon is exclusive to this set, as is the red bellied T-Rex. The American and Australian version of the set is bristling with weapons, while the 2010 version has a puny cage. 

I find it funny how opposite the sets are. It is kinda sad that LEGO decided that American (and Australian) children got to play with guns, while the Europeans got to capture the Dinos. I think they could have released the Dino 2010 sets in all regions and everyone would be happy. 

There were four characters released with the theme, Specs, Viper, Shadow and Viper. They are all pretty similar, and the torsos are all shared  between them, i.e. Specs may have his torso or Digger's and it depends on the variant.

There were four types of dinosaurs released in this wave, the T-Rex, Raptor, Pteradon and "Mutant Lizards." Both of the Rexes had light up eyes, which represents the laser vision. The dinosaurs not only laser vision, but force fields, lightning wielding and nuclear breath. They are pretty unrealistic, but it's a children's toy. I think the worst looking out of the bunch are the Mutant Lizards; they are so odd looking.

So overall, this is a pretty mediocre theme. I prefer 2012's Dino theme to this one. The vehicles are okay, the Minifigures are reused in every set, and the dinosaurs are weird at best. So, what do you think? Leave any thoughts you have in the comments. 

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