A couple of LEGO Bionicle Mocs

Hey all! I had a recent spurt of creativity that resulted in one of these mocs. The other one has been in a bin or on a shelf since around January.  I dunno why I am so bad at actually getting things like this posted around the same time they are relevant; this is probably why I have dialed back the news content on my site.

I am proud of this first moc mostly because of the torso. I finally managed to integrate an older Bionicle head with a newer torso. And I created a torso that doesn't totally rely on the large prefabricated pieces.  Instead, I have feet and a bit of Technic stuff in there. I also used the same foot mold for the shoulders, and I think this turned out okay. The weapon is kinda inspired by a Klingon Bat'leth. I also stole the cape piece from my little brother; it was a spare in the recent Boba Fett Constraction figure.

This next figure shows how much Final Fantasy XIII I have been playing. He has one massive hand, similar to many characters in the game. He also has these massive, uh, things sticking out of his body, which can contract and form a sort of protective armor. I have a habit of making creepy figures like this. This is actually a variation on an original moc of mine that was much more demented than this one. I do find it interesting how creepy the Bionicle Stars Hau mask can be.

Well, that's all I have. Thanks for reading!