The Worst LEGO Theme EVER: LEGO Galidor (The Brick Archive)

I'm doing it. I am mentioning the theme that must not be named. The nightmare of all LEGO fans.

LEGO Galidor... (Shudder)

Many see references to Galidor and hear it getting roasted by LEGO fans. Many do not know why it is so widely hated as a theme. I am going to bring to light the nightmare of LEGO Galidor.

Trigger Warning: Many images ahead are frightening, and it is recommended that you do not read this before bed.

LEGO Galidor was another foray into the action figure world. After the success of LEGO Bionicle, the LEGO management decided to release another product intended to compete with the action figure market. However, they really screwed up this time. LEGO Galidor was a flop. It only received one wave of releases, and the sets have not held up against the test of time.

For instance, take a look at lovely image of Nick Bluetooth. (Shudder...)

Just look at it! It's horrendous. Why can't he have a normal arm! I understand that it is part of the plot, but this just kinda ridiculous. He doesn't even come with a normal arm. (Edit: He does come with a normal arm; you just have to dig through the internet to find an image of the actual set box.) This is a perfect waste of the original ten dollar price tag. 

However, if you want to waste even more money on a significantly worse figure, then you can buy the Nick Bluetooth Deluxe! This time you have wings awkwardly sticking out of your body. I dunno what to say. 

If your Nick Bluetooth is alone in his box a million miles away, then keep him company with his best friend, Allegra Zane (Plus the freaky orange thing.) Look at the connection at the hips of the figure; it just look wrong. She also has the same legs as Nick Bluetooth; how lazy were the designers?

Do you want to buy a overpriced hunk of literal junk? Then the TDN Module is a fit for you! Seriously, this thing sold for $40 in the U.S. The wings are the same pieces on Deluxe Nick Bluetooth! This thing doesn't even come with a figure. Stylistically, it isn't too bad. It looks pretty sleek and could be used as the front of a larger vessel.

Gorm, the main villain of the series isn't too bad. He comes in a regular and deluxe version.  He does look kinda cool, but he doesn't seem to be anything new in terms of villain design.

Jens is a cyborg-plant-thing that built the TDN Module and sent it to Earth. Okay, this guy looks kinda cool. The flamethrower helps the look a ton. He has these little vestigial limbs that really don't need to be there. 

Nepol is a midget warrior guy. He apparently was shrunk in an explosion. ('Cuz that's how explosions work.) He also comes in a set with his pet Shimmel. To be honest, both Nepol and Shimmel look kinda silly. 

Euripides is a philosopher/old wise guy/Jedi. He looks grumpy as heck. I guess being a part of this awful theme ticked him off. Honestly, he looks like a mutant space frog. 

Aquarts are disposable minions of evil. They look horrendous, I might add. What is his weapon even supposed to be? The colors of this figure clash, it just looks awful.

Ooni is a misshapen freak of nature. He/she/it is abominable. You were supposed to build your own creatures out of this, but what child would want to even touch this?

Tager is a servant of Gorm, the bad guy of this universe. He looks sad and tired. His appearance is also reminiscent of Star Trek's Borg. What even happened to his face?

Makarr, is, unfortunately, not a car. The puns that could be made are just amazing.  He is some sort of shark motorcycle thing. Thankfully, this set was never released due to the cancellation of the theme. Just look at how creepy the face is!

The Kek Powerizer is even more overpriced garbage. You could have paid $60 for this action figure/game combo. It also came with extra heads! This think supposedly talked to you in different ways, depending on what head you used. It also had a game screen built in it's back. Not only that, but it can interact with the TV show. This is a cool concept, but it was poorly executed. It looks freaky. 

Nothing lights up a kid's face like receiving a toy from a McDonald's Happy Meal. Imagine the look on kids' faces when they found miniature LEGO Galidor figures in their meals. The characters look just as bad shrunk down as they do full-scale. 

The theme had a TV show that ran for one season and had 24 episodes. Why on Earth does this show get a full season and Firefly only had 14 episodes? The theme also had a Gameboy Advance game. Yay?

Galidor, was it really that awful? Yes, this truly is an awful theme. It was a mess and I hope noone ever brings this back. Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for reading!

(Happy April Fools. The joke's on you for reading this far. ;P)

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