Even more LEGO Jurassic World Sets revealed!

I am absolutely hyped for the next installment in the Jurassic World Franchise. And this week threw upon us more set reveals for the movie.  And despite being a few days late, I still wish to share these because they are just that cool.

First, LEGO has revealed the addition of Owen and Blue to the ever grwoing collection of LEGO Brickheadz. I'd assume that this set would cost around $20.00 like the other two character Brickheadz that have come out. I really like the design of both of these characters. Both of them are adorable!

(Images from The Brothers Brick)

The Dilophosaurus outpost attack also seems to be a good set as well. This set will retail for $39.99 I am most curious to see if the pen from the Stygimoloch Breakout is compatible with this one. I love the more grounded colors in the Dilophosaurus. The play features in this set look fun as well. I love the inclusion of the baby raptor in this set. Let's hope that the LEGO electrified fences are sturdier than the ones in the movie...

The best set revealed so far is Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase. I love this set, and I must have it. It has been a long time coming for a LEGO Jurassic Park set. The detail poured into this is amazing. The set set includes the lab with embryo storage, the control room and the kitchen. I love the little image of Nedry on his computer. This set is great. I love having the chance to get Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Tim and Lex Murphy. The door has a locking mechanism as well. The raptor is pretty perfect, especially when compared to the raptors from the original movie. My only gripe is the inclusion of the stud-blaster, but I'll live. 

What are your thoughts on this last group of reveals? I am really excited for this wave of sets, even more so than the Solo: A Star Wars Story sets. 

That's all I have for now, Thanks for reading!