LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Team Pack Review

Hello all!

I'm back at it agan with another LEGO Dimensions Review. Will it ever end? Anyways, I got yet another LEGO Dimensions set for Christmas, and here I am with another review.

This set retailed for $24.99, and it comes with two Minifigures and 103 pieces.

Two figures are included in this set, Owen and a generic ACU. This version also appeared in the Raptor Rampage set, which I reviewed about a year and a half ago. This figure is exactly the same. He re-uses the Chris Pratt head and hair; this combination was used for the Star-Lord figures as well. The torso is pretty perfect; it encapsulates the design of the character well. Owen holds a knife, and the knife and it's sheath can be found on the back of Owen's torso. I like the design of this figure and I think it works perfectly. I am curious, however, to see what they do to the figure for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The ACU figure is technically exclusive to this set, even though a similar figure came out in the Dilophosaurus Ambush set. The only difference is that this one had the ACU vest on. The figure's head is a darker skin tone, and I appreciate having some diversity in my mini figures. The torso and legs are the same as every other LEGO ACU figure. I do appreciate getting another one of these random, nameless dudes; the world needs more Red Shirts. He comes with an electric staff, which is used to stun dinosaurs. 

Both of the figures come with exclusive toy tags. I understand the design of the ACU's stand, but Owens looks like someone smeared dirt on it. 

For the builds you get a raptor and a gyrosphere. The raptor is a nice build for the number of parts used. However, the amount of gray elements just makes it look off. This build is a nice approximation of the raptor's in-universe design, but I prefer the prefabricated ones. The arms are skeleton arms, so you can rotate them; the legs are articulated as well. The head can rotate, because it is attached by a 1x1 brick. 

The Gyrosphere is kinda bland. The build is not spherical at all, which really bugs me. The model doesn't seat a Minifigure. It doesn't even roll when taken off the stand. The model also had a bit of greenery and a bit  of a hill thing underneath it. It is pretty unnecessary and it adds little to the model. I just don't think that this works. Again, I prefer the prefabricated model to the brick built one; even in-game the model is the brick built version. The best part of the set is the printed dishes, which could be used for windows on a spaceship or something to that extent. 

Similar to my previous review of the Hermione Dimensions set, there is a complete video game for the entire Jurassic Park Franchise (Excluding Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom). If you wish to have a more complete game experience, go buy that game; I personally think it looks fun, but I haven't got the time or money to play it. It costs as much as this set and is probably a better way to spend your money. But, there are always those who wish to 100% complete the LEGO Dimensions game, in which case, I offer my sincerest condolences to your wallet. I have spent time playing around in this adventure world, and it was fun to play around in. (I would suggest using Legolas to fight dinosaurs.) Owen has the abilities of tracking, stealth, target and vine cutting, all of which are needed to complete the game. The ACU has the abilities of illumination and electricity. The in-game content isn't spectacular, but it isn't too bad either. The Gyrosphere is needed to use the Gyrophere port thingy, and those are fairly common in-game. 

Considering that this is the only LEGO Jurassic World set still at a decent price these days, I would recommend waiting for the rumored Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom sets. If you absolutely need this to complete the game, go ahead, purchase it. For me, I would recommend just picking up the toy tags on Bricklink and only buying the figures you want. I can't really see a value in buying these sets anymore. The majority of the characters are going to make appearances in 2018 and beyond, and the rest are fairly common. I hate going too hard on LEGO, but I don't think that this set is worth it. You can accesses this content by just purchasing the toy tags, and there will be more Jurassic World sets, so you need not fear loosing access to the Owen Grady Minifigure. The build of the raptor isn't terrible, it is pretty good considering it's scale and piece count. I don't think LEGO could have made a better Gyrosphere, considering building spheres out of bricks is hard; I don't think could have done worse either. I wish they would have included something like the unimog or a helicopter.

Anyways, that's all I got for now, thanks for reading!