LEGO Dimensions Hermione Granger Fun Pack Reveiw

I'm back with more LEGO Dimensions. My mom is seriously going to take away the game; she thinks that I have too many sets for this game and have become obsessive. And I still have more sets to review from this theme. What have I become?

Sigh, I'd better just get on with the review.


Again, LEGO Dimensions has made a licence I love more accessible, making my wallet more accessible. Harry Potter is one of the franchises that seemed to be made for LEGO Dimensions. I'm surprised it took until Year Two for LEGO to begin to release sets for LEGO Dimensions. I wished we could have had Dumbledore made; it would be quite fun to hear him bantering with Gandalf in game.

I hadn't yet gotten Hermione to add to my incredibly small LEGO Harry Potter collection. The set retailed for $15 and came with 64 pieces and one Minifigure.

Hermione is an iconic character from the Harry Potter franchise, and she is well represented in Minifigure form. This is a new variant of the Hermione character, she has a new color for her hair an the torso is an new print. The new torso is nice, and it fits the character. Hermione's head has two faces, one is happy, the other is displeased.  For the LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Sets, the wands are now a 3 long bar instead of the 4 long bars that they used to be. It seems like it would be a small deal, but it is so much more accurate than having the longer bar as the wand. I'll be honest, I love having this new and upgraded version of the figure, it looks nice and is a cut above the older LEGO Hermiones.

The toy tag has the Gryffindor seal on it, as well as the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. 

This set has the most recent version of Buckbeak, and to be honest, I much prefer this version over the old one. The brick built design just seems so much more like a LEGO toy. The design is quite well shaped, considering that the restrictions of LEGO Dimensions sets. The wings are the Chima Eagle wings. The back legs are articulated, so you can pose the model. I have no complaints about this model, which is unusual in the LEGO Dimensions theme. It is a great upgrade over the prefabricated Buckbeak that came out with the older Harry Potter sets. The model can be removed from the toy tag base and be played/displayed without it. 

The in-game content unlocked by this set is quite nice. I greatly enjoyed running around the Harry Potter world for a couple of afternoons, completing the quests and such. However, if you are looking for a more complete LEGO Harry Potter Experience, I would recommend one of the Harry Potter LEGO games that were released a few years back. They offer much more in terms of content. Hermione is a really useful character in the LEGO Dimensions game; she can use apparate access, water spray, hazard cleaner, growth, target, silver LEGO blowup, intelligence, laser deflector as well as a few of the abilities that Gandalf has. Buckbeak possesses flight and silver LEGO blowup, and in his later incarnations, he has electricity and sonar smash. 

So overall, the set is worth it. The updated Hermione and Buckbeak are nice and the abilities the characters posses are useful in completing the game. I love the design of Buckbeak; it just captures the look of the character so much better than the old version. I would recommend getting this set over the larger Harry Potter Team Pack, since you can rent the characters from that in game. This is a good set, and it is worth purchasing. I constantly find myself using the Hermione character in my slow progression towards completing the game 100%. (Trust me kids, when you hit high school, you barely have time to do anything, and video games take little precidence.)

Anyways, that's all for now. Thanks for reading!