LEGO Dimensions Chase McCain Fun Pack Review

Oh, do you all remember the hype for Chase McCain a few years ago? I distinctly remember the "Who is Chase McCain" ad in the LEGO Club Magazine. It seems that he is back, he also made an appearance in the 2017 LEGO City Police sets.

This set originally retailed for around $14.99, but, as we all know, you can get it for much cheaper these days. I got my copy of the set about a week before Black Friday for around $5.99. This set comes with 46 pieces. 

Chase McCain has appeared in four different sets and in four different variants. This version isn't much different from the rest, he wears a vest which has a radio and his police badge. His head has a smirking face print. If you set him up beside a bunch of police figures, you'd probably not notice him; he isn't that special or different when compared to LEGO's current police figure designs. Despite the fact that this is a pretty generic figure, I do like the fact that he has a name, which reminds me of a period when some the figures in LEGO Town sets had names, like Jailbreak Joe. His toy tag is relatively simple, just containing the word POLICE and his police badge. 

Sigh, another LEGO City Helicopter. At least this one is tiny. This helicopter is a small build, even when compared to the other LEGO Dimensions models. It has two printed Police tiles on the sides. The rotor is on a modified 2x2 plate, allowing it to spin around. The tail has a printed rotor piece, which is really nice. 

I'll be honest, there are two types of LEGO Dimensions builds: ones that are well designed, innovative and creative, and ones that are not memorable and are just kinda there, not special or exceptional in any way. This build falls in to the latter of the two categories. 

Now, the real reason I got this set was because Chase McCain has an impressive repertoire. He has the abilities of acrobat, grapple, tracking, relic detector, rope swings, illumination, silver LEGO blowup, super strength, water spray, growth, hazard cleaner, glide, target, hacking, flying and drill. He accesses all of these abilities through changing costumes. I believe that if you are going to get any of the LEGO Dimensions sets, this is the one to get. You get the largest amount of abilities (17) for an incredibly low price. This one figure has helped me get a ton of the way through the game. The LEGO City Adventure World is full of studs laying around, and once you get a x2 multiplier and stud magnet, you can get a ton of money. 

This set is worth more if you actually play the game, you get a plethora of abilities for a low price. It is a must buy. If you don't play the game, this set is not worth it. Go and buy a different LEGO City set. This set is a mixed bag, and your enjoyment of the set is determined by what you do with it. I would recommend it, but only to a specific group of people. 

Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for reading!