LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack Reveiw

Before you get to this post; I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Can you believe that in eight days, this site turns 2? Amazing, isn't it. I still have the time to devote myself to the brick.

Ah, LEGO Dimensions. The LEGO game that brought together a bunch of licences into one mess of a game. It is very fun mess of a game, I might add. Seriously, I played it every day over my nine day Thanksgiving Break. As much as I want to give the game a hard time, I love playing it.  

Anyways, in my quest to try and play as much of the game as possible, I picked up the Portal 2 Level Pack. And as per usual, I've written up a review of the set. 

This set was released in 2015 and it originally retailed for $29.99, but you can find them for much less; I picked up my copy for ten dollars. The set comes with 85 pieces and one Minifig. 

The lone Minifig is Chell, the protagonist from the Portal games. She has an exclusive torso with the Aperture shirt on it. Her legs are exclusive as well; they are also dual molded, which is quite nice. Chell has a dual sided face with a neutral and an angered expression. The design of the figure perfectly captures the in-game character in Minifigure form. Chell also comes with the Portal Gun; a new mold exclusive to this set. I think the mold is great, however the paint on it seems a bit thin. In the gun is a Barraki eye piece. Chell also comes with her exclusive toy-tag piece which loads her into the game. 

The Weighted Companion Cube appears in Portal as a weight to allow you to use the pressure plates; it performs this same function in the LEGO Dimensions video game. The cube itself consists of brackets, a couple of pieces in the interior and five exclusive prints. I think the LEGO Companion cube captures the look of the companion cube. Below the cube on the model is a bunch of other pieces that are used for the alternate builds of the model. If one so desired, you could take the cube off the model and use it separately. 

The Sentry Turret model is a good model, considering LEGO's current part inventory, and that there has to be enough parts to make a substantial rebuild. It is quite large relative to the Sentry Turrets in the Portal games. Like the Companion Cube, the Sentry Turret comes with excess bulk on the model. And as with the Companion Cube, the extra parts can be removed for a more accurate model. The Turret's design makes it quite unstable when removed from the base; the back leg is smaller and shorter than the front two legs, leading it to topple over. 

The Level Pack unlocks quite a bunch of the in-game content. Chell gives you an exclusive ability that is used in the majority of the Adventure Worlds. Having Chell and the Companion Cube allow you to 100% complete the Story Mode Portal 2 Level. The Sentry Turret doesn't have too many uses except in the Portal 2 Level unlocked by this set. The Portal 2 Level is quite fun and it takes around 40 minutes to complete. The Adventure World is a bit convoluted and it provides a challenge when trying to collect as many gold bricks as possible.  

So is this set worth it? It would seem so. As of right now only one LEGO Portal set has been released. Fans of the Portal games would definitely enjoy having this. The physical toys are well designed and would look nice on any nerd's shelf. As for in-game content, the Chell figure is incredibly useful when playing the game, and the Companion Cube is as well. So, yes, this set is would be worth it to fans of Portal and to those playing through the LEGO Dimensions video game. I would recommend getting this set as soon as possible; even though the year one sets are on sale, I would not be surprised if the price starts to rise within the next year. 

Anyways, that's all for now. 

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