LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Buildable Figure Review

The CCBS (Character/Creature Building System) generally gets a bad rap. The system is hated for being too reliant on specialized parts, and it is known for having no "real" builds and no challenge. Today, I am going to prove that the CCBS is just as good as the normal LEGO brick.

I present to you,  the LEGO Star Wars Buildable Darth Vader.

This set retails for $29.99 and was released in 2015. It can still be found on shelves at the time this post was written. The set contains 160 elements. 

I'll be honest. This set blew me out of the water. It was complex and fun to build. This set trumped every other LEGO Constraction set that I have built. It was complex and intriguing almost every step of the way.  I definitely learned a lot from building this particular set, and I love it when you learn something new from an official LEGO set.

But, enough about the build. I have the entire model to show off.

It is a ridiculously huge model. Just look at its size when it is compared to other LEGO Darth Vader items. 

I guess I will start from the bottom up with this model, and, in turn, saving the best for last. The feet of the model are the standard Hero Factory feet. The feet have friction adder joints in order to add stability. I personally think that the sockets that are in the feet have sufficient friction in them. The lower legs are made from the leg armor elements that were specifically designed for the LEGO Star Wars Buildable Action Figures. The calves are made using the large claw element as well as a few Technic elements. 

The upper legs utilize size six armor plates with armor add-ons used near the hip joints. The armor elements have an exclusive print that replicates the texture of Vader's suit. I will say that the armor add-ons aren't too accurate to the design of Vader in Return of the Jedi. I will say that it does fit the general style of the figure though. 

The torso of the figure is complex. When the large armor elements are taken off, the skeleton of the build is exposed. The structure is stable and holds all the elements well. The torso part at the bottom of the body has an exclusive print that shows a part of Vader's belt. A couple of Technic bricks help complete the belt. Above the torso is a sign element with a print representing the controls of Vader's suit. Next to the panel is a Hero Factory chest piece that has an exclusive print. Two of the armor add-on pieces are used in light gunmetal to create the shoulders. The part is molded in a light gunmetal color. The sides of the torso have two more of the exclusive 6 long armor piece. The back of the model is covered up as well, but there are a few red elements sticking out. 

The cape is a fabric element. The piece is attached to the back with a Technic beam. The cloth element has a large hole in the center, and I am unaware of what purpose it serves. The cloth piece has a different texture on each side, and one side is a magnet for pet hair.

The arms are a simple construction. They use the exclusive size six armor piece with a round shell like armor add-on piece. The armor add-on piece hugs the shoulder quite well. It ensures that little gap will show without hindering articulation. The lower arm has the size four armor piece and a normal style of hand. 

The Darth Vader figure would not be complete without a lightsaber. The hilt pieces are two of the same element. The blade connects to the hilt by using a small axle element. The blade itself is hard at both ends, but it is flexible in the middle. This allows for it to connect to bricks easily from one end and not break too easily. The set comes with an extra axle to allow you to create poses with two hands.

Darth Vader has an iconic look that is, in part, made by his iconic helmet. The new mold used to create the head is absolutely stunning. The design makes it seem like it could have come from a normal Star Wars action figure. The piece is perfectly scaled to the figure and it could be used for other applications. I think that this head is perfect, LEGO could not have done a better job. Also, the nailed the amount of friction in the neck joint. This head turns more smoothly than the Bionicle heads.

I'll be honest; I think that this set is perfect. The figure captures the look and feel of Darth Vader very well. The price seems fair and the parts included are nice. The build was challenging, but not extremely hard. There are a fair amount of new prints in this set and the new Vader head mold is brilliant. The range of articulation is on point. I could not have asked for anything more from LEGO. I most definitely recommend this set.  If you see one, pick it up.

Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for reading!