LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana Reveiw

This has been a long time coming. I have finally gotten around to reviewing this set, even though I got it last Christmas. The year flew by incredibly quickly and I got incredibly busy with school. After more than a half of a year sitting on display, LEGO's Battle on Takodana will finally be reviewed.

The set should still be on shelves for around 60 dollars or much lower since it is frequently on sale. It comes with 409 pieces and five Minifigures.

The main structure of the set is Maz Kanata's castle which is seen about midway through the movie. The set is mainly comprised of dark tan and dark bluish gray colored bricks. The right side is the entrance to the castle and the left is a portion of the wall.  

The main door is seen in The Force Awakens as littered with hanging Pod-racing flags and other decorated cloth. There is only one flag. I would have been happy with just two.  I understand that the new piece would have been expensive to make, but considering the price, I think the set's budget would have permitted it.  The cloth piece is nice though, I most likely will find other applications for it anyways. I have only seen Episode 7 once and I am not too familiar with the Pod-racing, or other Star Wars lore, so I am unsure whether or not it is supposed to represent something. 

The two pillar-type things in the front are most likely meant to represent something in the castle, but I was unable to find any images of these pillars.  They look nice, but are not secured well to the base of the castle. It is quite annoying to have to constantly re-attach these things when moving the set around.  

There is a pile of studs sitting in a crevice in the front. When a plate in the back is pushed in, the studs fly everywhere. I don't get why this is a thing. It is visually unappealing to look at and the studs fly everywhere.

The front is well built though. I love how the LEGO designers tiered the front up. There is a ton of greebling on the sides. The set utilizes "brick-bricks" to create more detail.  The side has pins on it to allow the wall to be attached to the main door structure.

The backside is a bit lacking. I think it suffers from "Meant-to-be-seen-from-one-angle" disorder. 

The wall on the left side of the build suffers from the same issues as the main door area. They are both bare on the backside. A bit more effort was taken for this side, there is a stairway leading up to the rampart. The backside also has a massive geared mechanism showing.  There are also two other actuators for play features showing.

On the front, the wall continues the general aesthetic of the entry. At the top, two sections of the wall can be blown off by rotating the unsightly gear in the back. The tree next to the wall looks like it is dead. The tree can be felled by using a lever in the back.

The side of the wall hides Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber inside a crate. The box can be pushed out using the actuator sticking out of the stairs.


One of the main draws of this set is the exclusive Maz Kanata Minifig. She comes with a new head mold and an exclusive torso print. She has dark red short legs, and those come in only two other sets. I think the design is well done and the figure is quite nice. I just think that Kanata was not the most interesting character in The Force Awakens.

However, the  character of Finn, a First Order Stormtrooper turned good guy is an interesting character. Finn has the nice hair piece that was introduced for his character. The torso well detailed and I love the way they recreated Finn's borrowed jacket. Finn has a two sided face. One of his expressions shows an angry grimace while the other is a slightly befuddled look. Finn comes with a lightsaber and a blaster as accessories.

Kylo Ren is another of the intriguing characters that was introduced in Episode 7. He definitely has an imposing Minifigure. His mask is a spectacular mold and I think it represents the character well. The torso printing is accurate and I think that this is a case of simplicity being the best option. Kylo has a little cloth element made from the new style of cape material. Kylo Ren comes with an alternate hair piece. I think the face prints underneath definitely channel the character. Kylo comes with his unique lightsaber with a gunmetal hilt.

The set also comes with one First Order Stormtrooper. He looks nice and is well detailed. I think the new Stormtrooper design is well executed. I don't have too much to say here, it is just another generic bad guy soldier.

The set also comes with the man himself. The legendary FN-2199. You may also know him simply as TR-8R. The figure is just a plain Stormtrooper with a riot baton. The figure is identical to the other trooper.

Both of the figures come with an angry clone head. Sigh, this will never end.

Overall, I think that the set is okay. If you can get past the high price per part ratio, you could see this as a good set. I could have done without the action features that were built in to the set, but I will be honest. It can be fun to totally obliterate a castle. Little kids could get a kick out of all the moving parts. There are a ton of useful and uncommon elements used in the set. The Minifigure selection in this set is great. I love being able to get Finn and Kylo Ren in a 60 dollar set. Maz Kanata is a okay Minifigure, and I think collectors would buy this set to get her. I think this is a good set overall and I would recommend it.

Anyways, that's all for know, thanks for reading.