The LEGO Movie Getaway Glider from 2014 Reveiw #ThrowbackThursday

Hey guys!

I was shopping in a book store with one of my grandparents when we stumbled upon a small cart that had some toys on it. I found The LEGO Movie Getaway Glider set. I was very surprised to see this small set, since The LEGO Movie sets have been of of shelves for quite some time. I lacked an Emmet in my LEGO collection, so I had to get the set.

This is a bit of a throwback, so you may not find copies of these on shelves. It originally retailed for $12.99, but I got mine for $10. The set comes with 104 pieces and three Minifigures.

The primary build of the set is Emmet's glider, which is built out of parts you would find in a western town. The glider is very mis-matched and uneven. Emmet is attached to the glider by a 1x1 jumper that connects to the Piece of Resistance. It is not a sturdy connection, and this leads Emmet to fall out all the time. The weathervane on top of the glider is not in an fixed position, so it moves about freely. I really like the design of the weathervane and I bet the design could be reused elsewhere. The backside is relatively plain. The four elements with with designs on them are all stickered. I think the LEGO designers could have added more detail to the backside.

The set includes a horse for Sheriff Not-A-Robot to ride. This is the newer style of horse, which was a massive upgrade over the previous horse designs. The horse also comes with a saddle and a few bricks to fill up the gap in the body.

The most spectacular part of the set is the cactus. It uses innovative, new techniques to pull off an incredibly hard shape. The massive amounts of design work that were put into this one part of the set are incredible. This is the highlight of the set and the only reason you should have to hunt down a copy of this set.

(The cactus is not to complex or special, nothing new in the design)

Emmet is the main character of the movie. He wasn't too special of a figure since a variant of him came in almost every set. I always thought it was funny that Emmet was supposed to be a generic Minifigure but he has exclusive head, torso and leg prints as well as a new hair mold.  The design of the figure is similar to a generic LEGO City Construction Worker. He has a smirking face and a screaming alternate face. I love the expressions on the head. Emmet has the Piece of Resistance attached to his back via a Minifigure neck bracket. 

I was overjoyed to get my hands on an Emmet Minifigure, but My favorite figures are the two robot Sheriffs. Sheriff Not-A-Robot is dressed as a typical western Sheriff. He has a separate mustache piece which is attached via the neck.  I really like this element and I think there are quite a few comical uses for the part. The face is obscured by the mustache and I think that may be a good thing. The head doesn't look quite right without the 'stache. 

Deputron is another Western inspired robot sheriffs. While the Deputron figure is not as spectacular  as Sheriff Not-A-Robot, it is still a good Minifig. The head is very generic and it seems to be reuseable.  The hat looks great and the Western outfit looks great. I think the figure is well made, but not altogether outstanding. 

I think this is a respectable little set. I think the Minfigure selection is outstanding, You get the protagonist of The LEGO Movie and two rot law enforcers. LEGO horses aren't coming out in too many sets, so I am glad to get another one. I think the cactus is a good build, but it would be more fitting in a set with buildings or terrain. I think the parts from the cactus should have been used to add detail to the rear of the glider. The glider is not the best of builds. It is flimsy and unstable. Emmet falls out of the glider frequently. It seems to be a case where form was selected over function. The glider looks nice but little went into ensuring structural stability. I find it very hard to recommend trying to find one in stores or online, since it is just not a spectacular set.  

That's it for now, thanks for reading!