LEGO Minifigures Desert Warrior Review

Hey guys!

Today I present to you all a short review of one of the Minifigs from LEGO Minifigures series 16.

The figure consists of five parts and includes a stand. The LEGO Collectible Minifigures at this time retailed for 3.99. description: 

“I know every grain of sand in the desert. Many of them by name.”
The brave Desert Warrior is a true expert of the desert. He knows the location of every source of water hidden beneath its dunes, and can find his way through deadly swirling sandstorms that anyone else would find both impossible and impassible. He shrugs off scorching sun and scorpion’s sting alike, saying that he needs nothing more than his sword at his side to survive out there forever.
The Desert Warrior is always ready to plunge into unknown situations. This often sends him into the path of danger, but it can lead to great reward as well, like the time he discovered the cursed tomb of ancient Amset-Ra and battled a great stone scarab to win the forgotten pharaoh’s treasure. He also builds the most magnificent sand castles you’ve ever seen!
The Desert Warrior uses the newer style of turban in dark green, which I believe is a new color for that mold. The torso has a pretty ornate sash type thing. The legs are dual molded and there is a little bit of print on the ends of the feet. The belt that the warrior wears continues into the legs. The weapon included is a scimitar, which is an appropriate weapon for the figure. 

This figure is one of the generic figures theta you would want to amass massive quantities of.  I think that the Desert Warrior, while not too spectacular, is quite nice. I believe that this is the first ancient Middle-Eastern influenced figures that we have had in quite some time. 

I think while the figure is not too extravagant or desirable, it may have it's uses for custom builds. I like the figure and If you are into Middle Easter history I would definitely recommend it. If you are searching for one in a box of blind bags, I would recommend feeling for the turban and then the sword.

Anyways, that is all I have for now, thanks for reading!