LEGO Bionicle Terak-Creature of Earth Review

Hey guys!

I know a LEGO Bionicle review is a bit out of place, but I have seen plenty of LEGO Bionicle sets still on shelves, so this review may still be of use.

The set originally retailed for $9.99 in the U.S and it came with 74 pieces.The main build is Terak, the Creature of Earth. He is primarily built with transparent purple and gold elements. The main section of the torso is the "Unity" piece. This piece allows you to unite the Toa and the Creature to create a more powerful character.  His character has massive digging claws, which are reminiscent of the original Onua. The armor attached to his hands is a dual molded piece, I think it looks really nice on the figure and seems to be very reusable. The head is very avian in its design, and the gold and purple of the head go together well. 

The action feature on this figure is a lever on the back that raises and lowers the arms. I don't know what to think about this feature. It creates a slashing motion that looks really cool. On the other hand, the way that the mechanism is worked causes the arms to flop around a lot during play. 

The Shadow Traps were the main protagonists of the theme for that year. They are quite simple in their design. They have two large specialized elements that make up the majority of the body. The eye is a reuse of the original Barakki eye elements. The legs are all individually poseable and you can split the trap in two to make it appear to be an armed trap. 

I think the wave of Bionicle Creatures are a great improvement over the previous year's Protectors. They are much more similar to the original Bionicle figures. The Protectors all seemed to be more reminiscent of Hero Factory than Bionicle. Terak is quite a nice figure and I would most definitely recommend that you get this set. I think the color scheme is better than some of the other Creatures and the Shadow Trap included in this set isn't half bad. 

That is all for my thought on this set. If you have anything to share, you can always leave a comment. As always, thanks for reading!