Mega Construx Destiny Cryptid Hunter Armory Review

Hey guys!

I got curious again. I wanted to see if the Mega Construx Destiny and Call of Duty lines were any good, so I picked up two small sets a while back. Today I present to you the review of the Destiny Cryptid Hunter set.


(Note: I have never played Destiny, so I am liable to name things incorrectly)

The set retails for around 8.99 and comes with 40 pieces. The build is constructed on a base that resembles the Destiny logo. There are seven studs on the surface of the base and the bottom can connect to large base plates. There are two 1x8 tiles that hold parts of the armory. On the left is a weapons rack that holds the weapons included in the set. The right side holds the armor stand which is used to display the alternate armor.


The one figure in the set is a Hunter, one of the three classes in Destiny. The first armor set is based in a copper color. I think the armor is quite well detailed and has some ridiculously small prints. The leg armor holds a detachable knife, which can be held in the hand of a figure. The Ghost is the white thing hovering beside the Hunter. I think it looks pretty cool, but I haven't the faintest idea what they do in the Destiny game. My head was slightly mis-printed, but it is not too noticeable.

The second set of armor is based in a gold color scheme. The chest and leg armor are the same molds as the first set, just in a different color. The head has some minute details on the head.

The three weapons included in the set are a Hand Cannon, a shotgun and the Void Bow with a Shadowshot. The Hand Cannon is a small pistol sized weapon. The gun, like most Mega Construx parts, is well detailed. There is a small rectangular inset in the gun that can be used to attach it to the figure's leg armor.

The Shotgun is well detailed, and it looks very similar to the images I found of the in-game weapon. I think it looks pretty cool and but it seems to be a bit large compared to the size of the figure.

The Void Bow is my favorite part of the entire set. It is a three part assembly with the bow string, the arrow and the main part of the bow.  The bow string is a rubbery piece that allows you to pull back the arrow to create poses where the figure is aiming the bow. The bow is dual sided, so you do not have to worry about the orientation of the bow. The arrow is a metallic purple, the string is an a light blue and the actual bow is a translucent purple. It looks quite nice when the figure is posing with the arrow.

This is a pretty great small set. It gives you an arsenal of weapons and an alternate set of armor, allowing you to customize the figure quite a lot. I love the Void Bow, and the other weapons are nice as well.  The stand is quite nice for display purposes. The Hunter figure is quite cool and I think the armor sets included are great inclusions. I am a bit upset that I got a mis-printed part, but it is not to noticeable. I would most definitely recommend getting one of these sets, even if you are not a Destiny fan.

Thanks for reading!