LEGO Star Wars Imperial Trooper Battle Pack Reveiw

I have just realized that I have not posted any LEGO Star Wars reviews on this blog. LEGO Star Wars is my favorite LEGO theme, so I am surprised I have bought so few LEGO Star Wars sets in the past year.  I picked up a copy of the Imperial Trooper Battle Pack a few weeks back and I now present to you my review of the set.

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The set retails for $14.99, comes with 112 pieces and four Minifigures

 I would like to take a moment and address the increase in price. For the last several years, LEGO Star Wars Battle packs have retailed for 12.99. This year, LEGO bumped up the price. I can complain, since I have a pretty small budget, but logically, the increase is justified. The price per part ratio for this set is 10.7 cents per part. This number is par with most other LEGO sets in terms of the price per part ratio. The set also comes with four Minifigs; some $20 sets only come with three figures these days. (Though quite a few new $20 releases have four Minifigs.) I think that the increase in price is justified and there is no need to get up in arms over it. 

The major part of the set is the small Imperial Walker. I have literally no clue if the model is cannon or not. It does look quite nice for the part count though. The walker is primarily gray, like most other LEGO Imperial Walkers. There are a few 1x2 tiles in sand yellow that add a bit of color. Behind the seat of the walker is a clip that can be used to store the weapons. 

The walker has two gun turrets on each side. The upper gun is a stud-blaster, the lower is a bar with a negative stud on the end. I think the use of the stud-blaster here is well done. I think the use of the feature as a weapon on a mech or spaceship is a good use of the parts. The legs of the walker are quite limited in pose-ability.  The legs have to both be in the same position for the walker to stand without a studded base. 

Two Original Trilogy Stormtroopers are included in this set. I was so excited to see the new troopers come in this battle pack. Although I got this Stormtrooper variant in the latest Star Destroyer set, I was still happy to have an inexpensive way. I love everything about the new design. The level of detail is great and they bear a very similar likeness to the Stormtroopers in the movies.

All of the figures in the set come with a hand-held Stud-Blaster. I know I am beating a dead horse when I say I dislike these. The new price for these sets should at least allow for four normal blasters to be included. However, I have the excellent BrickArms E-11s to replace the Stud-Blasters with, so I am not too upset. 

If you look closely at both of the helmets you notice that the one on the right has a slightly off center print. And the one on the left has layers of printing that aren't lined up. This is ridiculously annoying, but I guess it just happens sometimes.

The main reason for buying the set is the inclusion of, not one, but two Death Troopers.  These troopers are slightly different that the ones included in Krennic's Command Shuttle. These ones lack the shoulder pauldrons but other than that they are the same. They look absolutely fantastic. The green lights on the bottom of the helmets is not as defined as I would like it to be and the same could be said about the vent like things on the front of the helmet.

When the troopers are unmasked, you see more "Angry Clone" faces. Really LEGO? I have no idea how many "Angry Clone" heads I have. Other Battle Packs that have been released this year have more diversity. Just look at Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack and Rebel Trooper Battle Pack.

This is a pretty good set and could make for a decent army builder. I like the included figures and the little walker is great for it's size and parts count. I am upset that I got several misprinted helmets and it is a pain going through the Shop@Home replacement part system. I dislike the fact that all of the heads are the same and the lack of normal LEGO Star Wars blasters.  However, I would recommend this set because of the harder to find Minifigures. 

As always, thanks for reading!