Mega Bloks Seal Specialist Reveiw

Hey guys!

I picked up two sets while I was shopping at Toys R Us a while back. I also purchased an older Mega Bloks Call of Duty set along with a Mega Bloks Destiny set.

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Note that I have never played Call of Duty, so I am unaware of any significance the set may have to the games.

This set is a bit old, but when it was on shelves, it retailed for $6.99. It's a shame I did not know the original price, I paid $11 for the set. There were plenty in stock, so they had no reason to jack up the price. I am surprised they did not have it on discount, since the set is from 2015. Anyways, the set comes with 48 pieces and one figure.

The main build is a underwater propulsion device and a little bit of underwater terrain. The terrain is quite simple, it consists of a plate, a rock element and a bit of seaweed. I love the design of the rock piece, it looks incredible and it adds depth to the set. The seaweed element is fantastic as well. It is made of a more rubbery plastic, so the leaves won't break off. I dislike the base element though. It has a very odd shape that is unusable in conjunction with normal plates. And although I love the depth provided by the rock element, the plate looks very bland. There is no shape to the terrain and the rock looks a bit out of place.

The main part of the set is the underwater propulsion device. It seems to have two specialized pieces that make up the majority of the craft. The two parts add quite a bit of shape to the device, which would have been quite hard tot create with normal bricks. It does make it hard to reuse the bricks, but this set and the entire theme in general are targeted towards older model builders who are more interested in display than in play. The handles on the vehicle fit the figure quite well. There is a small 1x1 tile that has a gauge and what seems to be a radar display. The stand is included in the set as well.

The majority of the parts in the set go into the construction of the figure. What? I know that the Mega Bloks/Mega Construx figures had a ton of parts, but it's a bit odd that the majority of parts go to the figure and not the main build. The parts used to build the figure do not go to waste though. The Navy SEAL is a spectacular figure. The SEAL is in Scuba gear, and the silver thing on the front is a rebreather. The figure has two silver flippers on his feet. I think these are much nicer looking than the ones that come in LEGO sets.

I was unfortunate and I got a misprinted head. C'mon, two misprinted heads in a row. Seriously? It looks like he has a black scuba mask and he has fogged it up. I know this set is from when Mega Bloks still had a lot of development to do in the quality department, but it is always disappointing to open a set and get parts that aren't made correctly.

The figure has a detachable combat knife on his right leg: the knife does fit in the hands of a figure. There are a bunch or places that you can attach the knife, like on the leg or on the belt. The back has a clip for you to attach the weapon to.

I had to do some digging, but I learned that the name of the weapon is a Kriss Vector. I am not a gun person, so I know don't know how accurate the gun is.  However, I can appreciate how detailed it is. The coolest part of the gun is the fact that it is customizable.  You can remove the grip, scope and stock and replace them with parts from another set. It is a really cool feature that can be used to make some wonky weapons. One of the sections of the gun can also attach to the same places that the knife can. The scope frequently falls out of the slot that is is intended to go in. This is quite annoying since the part is so small and you spend ages searching for the part. You can always glue it in, but that removes the customization that the weapon was designed for.

I think that the set is quite nice for it's original price. The figure is well detailed and provides a ton of customization. The underwater propulsion device is quite nice but the stand is a bit lackluster. I like the rock and seaweed elements, I just wish there was a bit more to the structure of the bottom plate. I am a bit upset that I got a misprinted head. The issue with the scope falling out all the time is annoying. I do like the set and I am glad that I own it, but there are a few flaws that I wish were fixed before this set went to market.

Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for reading!