I'm quitting blogging and LEGO (April Fools 2017)

(Please note that this was a 2017 April Fools Day Prank, do not take it seriously.)

Hi everyone! I have some depressing news.

I have been in high school for one and a half semesters. I have a ton of homework and other commitments. I have to stay up late studying. I have work filled Saturdays and Sundays. I honestly have no more time to be writing and uploading the best content I can produce. I also have very little time for LEGO itself. I think I may be entering the Dark Ages that I have been trying so hard to avoid. It honestly puts too much strain on myself to be writing regularly for this blog. I find High School to be very difficult with my busy schedule.

I have maintained this blog for over a year now and I am proud at how far I have come. I do hope to get back into LEGO when I'm an adult.

I'm sorry I let you avid readers down, I just cannot do this anymore.

So this is it, the end of my LEGO hobby and my blog.

Thank you all for all the support you have given me through this year and a quarter.

As always thanks for reading!