My thoughts/review on Character Building Doctor Who

Hi everyone!

I'm a terrible person! I made you read a few Mega Bloks reviews a few months ago and now I will torture you with more non-LEGO...

Character Building Doctor Who!

I have gotten several of these figures, for Christmas and other occasions. I have gotten a ton of these and am close to getting a full collection.

I had received several blind bags, similar to the collectible Minifigures, 6 from Series one and two from the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who bags. I will review the figures individually, then compare them to LEGO.

The most common figure, the 11th Doctor, is first on the chart. (I'm not kidding about common, our family collectively owns around nine.)

For those who don't know who the Doctor is, he is a Time Lord with a time machine named the TARDIS. (Time and Relative Dimension in Space, not all Whovians know that.) Whenever he is mortally wounded, he regenerates into a new body.

H has a two plastic head, the hair and head are glued together. The eyes are printed and are green with brown outlines. He has a jacket print on his torso, with a bow tie. (Because bow ties are cool)
His legs are a dark blue and he has black shoes printed at the bottom of the feet.

He has no back printing at all, which is a bummer. The foot printing goes all the way around though.

He has a really small Sonic Screwdriver. It is very small and falls out of the hand easily. (Also it is very easy to lose.)

The Eleventh Doctor's companion is Amy Pond who travels with him in the TARDIS.

Amy has a dual molded head, as do all of their Micro-Figures. She has the female torso and legs with a pretty bland skirt, She has some boots printed on the bottom of her feet.

Amy has no back printing, which is disappointing and no accessories.

DON'T BLINK! It's a Weeping Angel

They are the arguably creepiest enemy the Doctor has ever faced.  The can only move when you aren't looking. They are incredibly fast and send you back in time when they touch you. They then feed of you potential energy.

I got the angry variant of the angel. It has bared teeth and empty eyes printed on the face. The torso is printed with a statue like pattern.

The wings are attached around the neck and are made of a softer plastic element.

The wings are able to come off.

I was unfortunate enough to have a crack in the back of mine.

Only an really obsessed Whovian would recognize the Winders. (Thanks to my little brother who loaned me the figure.)

They are multi faced robots that guard Starship U.K. They resemble clowns in purple.

The cloth element is removable and leaves a bare purple torso.

The face is spot on, so it is really creepy. So much so, that my little brother begged me to trade him off of him.

Supreme Leader Restac is the Leader of a in stasis colony of Silurians. The Silurians are a race of humanoids that existed on the Earth at the time of the Dinosaurs.

Restac uses the same parts for her body as Amy, just she has a specialized head.

The prints are pretty TV accurate, though mine came with a bit of print worn off,

The Daleks are a race of cyborgs that are intent on exterminating all other life forms.
I got the Dalek Strategist.

The Dalek uses all specialized molds and has a minimal back print.

From the 50th anniversary bags, I got the 6th and 11th Doctors.

I haven't watched all the old Doctor Who episodes, so I know very little about the 6th Doctor.

I kind of like the trench coat instead of the normal, male body. I don't like the face, I think it is really freaky. The leg printing is also very sloppy.

The 11th Doctor from this series is different from the one I got in the first series. The only difference is the torso.

It still has his signature bow tie and jacket, but with blue.

The Character Building Figures are of similar construction to LEGO's. The head foes on a neck similar to that of a LEGO figure. The legs won't go with an normal Minifig.

The figures I got all had a Doctor Who logo base that is compatible with LEGO.

I dislike how Barbie-like the female figures are. I also dislike the construction of the Amy Pond figure.

She looks like she is not wearing underwear under her skirt, which is WEIRD!

I am a little disappointed in the print quality on the figures. they wear of pretty easy, I wish the Amy Pond figure had underwear of sorts. I also would have liked the hair to be interchangeable. My favorite out of them all is the Dalek.

With LEGO's acquisition of the Doctor Who Licence I don't feel a need for quite a few of the figures, since I can get official LEGO versions. I do, however, like having Supreme Leader Restac's head mold so I can make LEGO-ish Silurians.

That's all for my review. Please leave your thoughts on these figures in a comment down below. As always, thanks for reading!