BrickArms Overview & Review

Hi everyone!

I recently discovered a company called BrickArms. They produce custom LEGO compatible accessories. They also make headgear, armor and custom Minifigures. I decided to take a gamble and try out this company I learned about.

You can see their lineup of products on their website. One note however, you cannot buy their products directly from them. They have many resellers online. I chose GI Brick to order my weapons from. I ordered six  E-11 blasters. GI brick also includes free items in their orders, they included a M1A1.

The E-11 is a pretty great recreation of the in universe gun. I think the mould is pretty on par with  LEGO. I like how they don't look to realistic, they are a good balance between toyish and realistic.

Image form GI Brick.

The M1A1 is a sub-machine gun. and that's all I can tell you. I think it looks pretty great in the hands of a minifigure.


Anyway, I really like the products I got. I think they are pretty slick and I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for realistic LEGO compatible guns. I hope to get more in the future.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for reading!

I  am sorry for this being such a short post.  I recently started taking school online. If there is any place I would like to be, it would be with my LEGO stuff, not in front of a computer.