LEGO Dimensions Gollum Fun Pack Review

Hi Everyone! Today I have a review of LEGO set 71218 Gollum.

Once again, special thanks to my awesome grandmother who bought me this set. (She also loves LEGO, Minecraft and is a regular reader of my blog.)

Anyway, this set has three rebuilds that are okay for a rebuild with a few parts.

The set comes with Gollum and a very small version of Shelob.

Gollum is a pretty good interpretation of the movie character. He looks pretty good for a mold that has been around for a while. I think it still holds up in detail to what we have today.  He has a small printed loincloth and a pretty slimy looking face. He has 7 out of his 9 teeth showing in his evil grin. He also has a stud on his hunched back.

He also comes with his exclusive toy tag stand, which has a dead fish on it. He wields a delicious fish, but I would have preferred him to have The One Ring.

Shelob the Great is an okay side thing. She has six legs, which is odd, since she is a spider. She uses the octagonal ring element to attach the legs. she has yellow studs on her backside, which are used for the rebuilds.

I think this is a pretty good set for the kids who missed the initial Lord of the Rings theme. I am pretty pleased with Gollum and I am having a bit of fun terrorizing my mother with Shelob. (She hates spiders.)

Anyway, that's all for now, thanks for reading!