Mega Bloks Custom Painted Weapons

Why must I torture you with Mega Bloks?

I'm not so sure either.

I have quite a few Acrylic paints from my Pinewood Derby cars I made in Cub Scouts.  I also have a ton of paintbrushes at my disposal. So, I Googled some images of custom painted LEGO weapons for inspiration. I went to start my custom LEGO guns, when something held me back. The embers of my LEGO purist ideals stopped me from painting LEGO, I went to my Mega Bloks bin and pulled out the guns I had. Below are the results.

All of these weapons started out as a single color. I had to apply several layers of paint to have a thick and clear application.

I also did one full figure. I painted it black and red to look really evil.

I also got one of these turrets, which I also custom painted.

I plan to continue to get Mega Bloks sets to customize. I think the outcomes are really cool. If anyone has some advice for custom painted LEGO accessories and things like that I would greatly appreciate it.

I also messed with the brightness and contrast settings on my photos to see if they would look better. I would appreciate some feedback on whether or not it looks better.

Thank you for all your help and as always, thanks for reading!


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