LEGO Minifigures Space Miner Review

Hi everyone! A few days ago I received the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Space Miner Minifigure in a blind bag from my grandmother.

This figure is from series 12, so you wont see him any time soon.

The helmet mold is exclusive to this figure and hasn't been seen anywhere else. The armor piece is the same as the Series 7 Galaxy Patrol Minifig. It has a altered 1980's space logo with a mining ship.
He has some pouches and knee pads printed on the legs.

With the armor removed, you can see the straps on his torso.

Sadly, there is no back printing, except for helmet details.

The helmet is a two piece assembly, using the common visor element.

His face is really scruffy with a ton of stubble. He has a comlink and seems to be really happy.

He also has a drill which is the recolored alien ray gun with a unicorn horn.

Here he is with a Galaxy Patrol escort.

Overall, I like the figure, It would fit into a space station or outpost really well. I do wish I could army build these, but they are no longer sold. I like the new helmet mold, but I wish there was a bit more detail.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have another post on the way.

Thanks for reading!