LEGO Disney Minifigures Maleficent and Genie Review

Hi everybody, I was given two of the LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures from my Grandmother, Genie and Maleficent.

Genie from Aladdin was on my wanted list of the figures from the Disney series, so I was incredibly excited to get him.

Genie has the same leg element as the other Genie minifig and Genie Girl. Genie's leg element has a  red band printed all around.

He also has some superb arm printing to represent the cuffs he wears in the movie.

Genie has no printing on the back of the torso.

Genie has his beard, but it seems to be missing the large, comical chin.  He has basic torso printing and also sports a new hat/hair mold. It has his two large ears and on has an earring. It has a whole in the top to allow the feather piece that acts as hair to slot in.

Genie also comes with a lamp, which is a really cool accessory.

Genie is an okay figure. I like getting the lamp the most. I think the figure has some useful parts, but isn't the best in the series.

Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty is a really interesting Minifigure.

I really like the light aqua color on the figure, it makes her very imposing. minifig. I really think the torso print and leg prints are a little off and suffer from what many minfigs suffer from, cut off printing.

I love the new horned hat element LEGO made for this figure. It is made out of what I think is rubber.

Maleficent also comes with a staff with an jewel  on the end.

I like the Maleficent Minifigure quite a bit. I like the face printing and the cape elements. I think this is a really cool Minifigure.

That's all or now, thanks for reading!