LEGO Minifigures Shark Suit Guy

Hi everyone!
Today I have a review of the Shark Suit Guy from LEGO Minifigures Series 15.

I actually won this Minifigure for my entry in the Valentines Day Contest on Jay's Brick Blog.

This is my first animal suit minifig, YAY!

Here is the official description:
Yikes! Was that a fin?!”
The Shark Suit Guy watched a scary shark movie once, and he’s been afraid of them ever since. For a long time, he didn’t dare go into the water at the beach, and he even avoided swimming pools and bathtubs just in case. He was worried that he might run into sharks everywhere he went — sharks on the left, sharks on the right, mutant sharks, laser sharks, cyborg sharks, sharks on land, sea and air.
But then he started to learn more about sharks and how important they are for the ocean’s ecology, and he found out that they’re not so scary after all. In fact, they’re pretty cool! To celebrate his newfound appreciation for his finny friends, he’s decided to dress up like a shark himself. Now the Shark Suit Guy may still get a little jumpy whenever he passes a mirror, but at least he knows that if he runs into a real shark, it’ll think he’s a pal!
The figure has two faces, The first face has a large grin and the second is a nervous looking face.

The head piece is a really cool. It is based off a shark, obviously.

The whole piece is one part. The entire Minifigure is in Medium Blue, a color that I have very little of.

As prints on torsos go, this one is pretty basic, but I feel it is fine to have less detail on a figure like this.

The faces are kind hidden behind the Shark Mask, so here's a closer look.

The arms are a really cool part to have. It's just a normal torso with a special arm element.

This Minifigure is simply spectacular. I love it so much and it leaves me asking, "Why don't I have more of these figures?" I have found no Minifigure that I dislike in Series 15, they are all so great!

I also found a way to make a shark with legs, similar the Atlantis Shark Warrior

Anyway, that is all for now. Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts on this Minifigure in a comment below.


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    1. I have the figure stored with my other collectable figures,I am planning to build a display stand.😀

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