LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures Series One Revealed!

Hey everyone! Earlier this week, both Disney and LEGO unveiled the LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures!

I am really looking forward to this series, so let's dive into the Minifigures.
First up is Ariel, who is the first Disney Princess to receive a Minifigure. I am not a big Disney Princess fan, so I was not too excited, but I bet a ton of young girls would love to get a hold of her.

Continuing The Little Mermaid theme is Ursula, the freaky octopus-witch lady who steals Ariel's voice. I think the specialized lower legs are an interesting concept.
Continuing with the princess stuff, we get Maleficent. I think she is a pretty good minifig. I like the special horn element that was used.
Syndrome from The Incredibles will be making his debut as a Minifigure. I really loved The Incredibles movie, but I won"t be after him.
To continue with the Incredibles theme, we get Mr. Incredible. I really like the hair piece on him, though it is not too similar to the movie character. The one thing that is missing is the rest of the Incredibles family.
Peter Pan will also be getting his first minifig, though he was already a Duplo Figure. I really like LEGO's choice of Peter Pan, since he is such an iconic Disney character.hook
And of course, you cannot forget the infamous pirate, Captain Hook! I like the overall figure, but the face looks kind of weird. I feel he is missing something, but I cannot place what it is. (EDITOR: It's his hand! That's what's missing!)

I don't see how LEGO could have made a Disney LEGO Minifigures series without Mickey Mouse. I actually think he is adorable. I really like the specialized head mold.
Minnie Mouse also gets her first Minifigure. If I get her, my little sister would never let me have it. Minnie has a head piece similar to Mickey, but with a bow. She also gets a skirt piece similar to that of Series 15's Ballerina
Also utilizing the new skirt element is Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. I have not actually seen Alice in Wonderland recently, but I know the story. The bottle says, Drink Me!
We also get the creepy Cheshire Cat. It appears to use the same tail piece as Rocket Raccon and the Wolf Guy. He has his trademark grin and pink stripes. 
We get an Aladdin Minifigure! Yay! I love the Aladdin movie, so this minifig is really worth picking up. I think we are missing Abu, though.
We also get Genie, who was voiced by the late Robin Williams. I really like this figure, though I may not get him. Now, I am singing the Friend Like Me song that he sings in the movie.
Donald Duck gets a Minifigure, too. He gets a very comical head mold. I know very little about Donald Duck, but he seems to be a cool figure.
Daisy Duck also gets a Minifigure. She has a little too much pink for me. (EDITOR: Yeah, but not for your sister.)


"To infinity and BEYOND!" Buzz Lightyear gets another figure this year. He has only slight differences from his previous versions. I like this version better. Rumor has it that Buzz's best friend, Woody, will come in the next Disney Collectible Minifigures Series.
"Ooooooh!" (EDITOR: "It is coming!") We get an Alien from Toy Story, again. He appeared previously and this seems to be the exact same figure. But now kids can get the figures they missed out on, without buying the whole set.


I saved my favorite for last. Stitch -  from Lilo and Stitch. I think this is THE cutest Minifigure I have ever seen. This is the one I will be getting from the series.

So that is the Disney Collectible Minifigures Series One.  I will more than likely have a review of the Stitch Minifigure. (No promises. :P ) I think this series will be a hit.  The set release date is May 1st in the US.

Anyway, thanks for reading!