LEGO X-54 Starfighter

Hello! I built a small MOC over the weekend, a SPACESHIP!!!

I just wanted to build something to blast my little brother's Snowspeeder to bricks.

I used a stickered piece from the Guardians of the Galaxy set for the cockpit.

The back was the hardest part for me, I needed to get the engine in and secure, but it also had to be visible.

The bottom is very boring, but you may want to see it anyway.

It is unbelievably hard to get the Minifig out of the cockpit.

I had to remove the sides and cockpit to get him out.

Here's a detailed look at the un-detailed cockpit.

So, that is a really small spaceship. But it is believable next to a Minifigure.

So that is my MOC for the weekend. (You may actually be reading this during the week.)

Thanks for reading!


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