LEGO Bionicle Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder review

Hey, everyone! Today, I have a review of the LEGO Bionicle set Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder.

The set seems to be a recreation of this video.
Starting off with the masks, we have the Skull Grinder's (Or Kulta) mask.

It almost looks like a skeleton robot face.

Wait, it is an undead robot face.
The Mask Maker's (Ekimu) mask is the same as the Protectors, just in pearl gold and trans-blue.

As with all Protector masks, each mask will come out differently.

Last, but definitely not least is the Mask of Creation. Note: The stand is included in the set.

It has the ancient Bionicle runes covering it, and it has a ton of fine detailing.

The stand doesn't quite hold the mask, but it is a cool thing to have.

Kulta is the first thing you build. He is the big bad guy of the season. He tries to destroy all the masks of power.

To be honest, he is quite frightening. (My mom think's all Bionicle sets are freaky, but this one scared her the most.)

His legs have the have the new armor pieces that were released this year.

His chest gets a cool print. I like the gears on it and the little rib cage details.

He looks properly evil with the horns and a skull mask.

Kulta's main weapon is a giant mask stealer staff. It hooks around the back of a mask, and when pulled, it removes the mask.

He also gets a sword piece as a secondary weapon.

He has a yellow knob which signals the action feature.
I don't like the lack of friction in the arms. It is a basic fix, you just add gears under both the arms.

Ekimu is a cool figure. He has a gold and trans-blue color scheme.

He has the Hammer of Creation and a shield as well. The Hammer is a six shot rapid fire blaster, it is kind of weird having projectiles coming out of a hammer, but it looks cool.

Both of the weapons have action features built into them.

Ekimu looks very similar to the Protector of Fire in the chest.

His action feature swings his hammer. It looks pretty cool.

Ekimu has the LEGO Chima armor add-ons for his shoulders.

His backside, as with most Bionicle sets is pretty bare.

Ekimu with the Mask of Creation looks pretty sweet.

Overall, I really like the set. I love the Mask of creation, so this was a pretty cool set. I wish they had done something about the friction in Kulta's arms, but I really have no big complaints.

So, I suggest that if you are looking to buy a LEGO Bionicle set, this is the one to choose.

That"s all. Thanks for reading.